Zaka Manager
features overview

We only focus on features that make it easy for you to manage your zaka.

No banking details

No Banking Details

We use safer alternative approaches to record and track your spending. Thus we require no banking details.

intuitive ui

Intuitive User Interface

We continue to add more features to our application while maintaining an intuitive user interface.

Tool box

More Utilities

With our customizable utility toolbox, you can do more than just manage your finances with our app.

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Features that
simplify finances.

No more spreadsheets to plan out your budget, no more head-scratching to figure out where your money went.

Flexible Budget Dates

Our budgeting tool allows you to set
flexible start and end dates.

Budget Alert Notifications

We will notify you when you are about to
exceed your budget.

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More insights
into your finances

We meant it when we said Zaka Manager
isn't just a budgeting tool. Some of the utility
tools we are adding include:

  • Bill Splitting Tool
  • Shopping List
  • Debts Analysis Tool
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Security is one of our
top priorities

We always ensure that we follow the best security practices when handling our user data.

Zaka Server Network Security
Zaka Manager Secure Storage
Zaka Secure Cache Security
Zaka Biometric Authentication

Restricted network access

We use certificate pinning and whitelisting to secure our app network connection.

Secure encrypted storage

We store all sensitive information in secure platform storage.

AES-256 encrypted cache

The caching tool we use makes use of AES-256 to encrypt cached data.

Biometric authentication

Our application also allows authentication with fingerprint, face, and iris.

Asked Questions

Most popular questions from our community

Can I use Zaka on any device?

Our app is currently available for android devices only.
Support for more devices is coming soon.

We obviously hope that banks will not move completely away from sms notifications as they still need to accommodate for people not using smart phones.

However, we are working on a feature to allow you to upload your bank statement.

We use Machine Learning to classify the text messages from your bank. This is how we are able to give you reports of what you spent your Zaka on.

Reading of sms notifications from the bank instead of asking for bank credentials makes us different.

Our app also allow users to export pdf bank statements from all major SA banks as a supplement to the reading of smses. This accomodates those users who do not want to give away the permission to access their sms messages.

Lastly we are trying to be as African Authentic as possible by adding categories that speaks to an average working class African person.

What if I decide I want a different plan?

You can freely switch between our affordable price plans every month, and no additional fee will be charged.

We support payments via credit card, and EFT. The amount will be deducted from your account monthly.

No, if you're an early bird, you get to keep your free trail for 12 months.

None, with us you are free as you were. You can can cancel, pause and rejoin as you please.

How is my information kept secure while travelling over the internet?

As you have seen, our website has a lock next to it, which indicate that we are using a Secure Socket Layer technology to transmit data.

The data sent to our servers/API is sent via TLS to our https endpoint as you can see from our url. Our servers are managed and maintained by Heroku. Heroku complies with many security standards such as PCI, ISO 27001 etc.

As a start up, we try not to reinvent the wheel. Our product server plan comes with Heroku Postgres backups which are stored on AWS S3 bucket which is encrypted by Amazon.

This bucket is hosted in the US and has many backups across the world.

We do not store nor read any of your SMSes other than the bank transactions. We use this info to track your expenses and generate reports for you.

None, the only data we need is infomartion about a transaction and we get all we need from the bank SMS or a bank statement.

How to contact with Customer Service?

Simple, email us at We would be happy to help

Unfortunatly not, we have a very shy team.
Unless you want to talk Zaka, then our CEO will be happy to chat.
Book a meeting:

Yes please. Bitcoin account coming soon

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